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INAUGURAL WIng MEETING 18TH:  Ashtead Cricket Club 


MONDAY 15TH MEETING:  this month we have Sophie Banchester as our guest singer to give us a little help in our harmonies.


MONDAY 21ST MEETING: Last minute change to the programme with local hat maker coming to give us a brief history on headpieces and how to select the one for you.


MONDAY 18TH MEETING: A creative session to make bags for our Ashtead WIng stall at the Ashtead Village Day.


MONDAY 16TH MEETING: Our very own Florence Martin demonstrates wine tasting and the difference food can make to their flavours.


MONDAY 20TH MEETING: Let's have a little chat about the birds and the bees...well about bees really - their lifestyle, species and how honey is collected.


MONDAY 18TH MEETING: A tasty way to spend the evening, learning about the history of Afternoon Tea with samples!


MONDAY 19TH MEETING: This one is all about you and what you want from your WI...with a little tipple of wine too.


MONDAY 17TH MEETING: Nutritionalist Khush Mark PhD is giving a talk about how nutrition can affect us - hopefully this includes cake?


MONDAY 21ST MEETING: Our first AGM - review of what we have done in 2016, what's up and coming in 2017, a look at the accounts and a quiz to test everyone's knowledge


MONDAY 19TH MEETING: A Christmas social - think mulled wine, mince pies, Christmas music and good company!
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