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8th January 2018 - Gut Health

Jo Cook took us through about gut health, the healthy, unhealthy and how to maintain a healthy gut through diet and lifestyle.

12th February 2018 - Woodland Trust

The Woodlands Trust took us through their plans for the Elmlyn Woods Centenary celebrations.

12th March 2018 - Members Fun

Members had a chance to mingle, have a giggle making animal noises and working our what would give them the greatest survival in a plane crash

9th April 2018 - Greenpeace

Guest Speakers were Neil and Linda from Greenpeace. Neil showed us a short film which summed up almost 50 years of history in a few minutes. The film covered how Greenpeace was formed in 1971 in response to U.S. atom bomb tests and the major campaigns it has run since including opposition to whaling, mining in the Antarctic, toxic dumping at sea, illegal logging and burning fossil fuels. Greenpeace now has 2.8 million supporters worldwide and 130,000 in the U.K. alone.
Greenpeaces’s main values are independence, Internationalism, Direct Action and Non Violence. Current campaign priorities are Climate Change, Oceans, Ancient Forests, Pollution, Biodiversity, Human Rights and Peace. The main methods used are Investigation and research, finding solutions, talking to people with power, public engagement, and use of the law, bearing witness, direct communication and direct action.

14th May 2018 - Resolutions

Karen D’Souza gave a presentation on how NFWI resolution process work, beginning in July when resolution forms are received by WIs, the process takes a year until final Resolutions are voted on at AM by WI delegates. Members completed a quiz on Mental Health matters and Karen went through answers.
After coffee Lesley Stewart, Kay Saxon and Karen told members of their own experiences of mental health problems. Karen then showed us a video about mental health and told us about this year’s WI resolution. Members divided into two groups to discuss for or against the resolution and after a discussion a vote was taken.

11th June 2018 - Wine Tasting

Andrew Martin will tickle our taste buds and educate us on the flavours of 4 wines.

9th July 2018 - Birch Tree Folk Choir

Emily Heuvel is going to talk to us about mental health, nature and singing together.

10th September 2018 - DNA Forensics and Murder Investigation

Dave Chave who gave us some tips from Murderous Women last year will start our autumn.

8th October 2018 - Nepalese Trekking

Rick Singh is going to share his Nepalese trek experience with us

12th November 2018 - AGM

Choose your president, join the committee and hear about our year

10th December 2018 - Christmas Social

Time to tickle those taste buds!

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