We are very lucky to offer our members a unique Hypno-Relaxationto interested members of Ashtead WIng.  

Emma, who will run the sessions, has a Postgraduate qualification in Clinical Hypnotherapy and a Degree in Psychology.

For more information or to take part please speak to Emma at members monthly meetings or send her a message via ashteadwing@gmail.com.

Membership is 6, and meetings are monthly (the third Wednesday of the month) at each other’s houses. The group’s members will change monthly until all WING members putting their names down to join the group, have had the opportunity to attend one group session.

Each monthly session starts with Q&A’s for anyone who wants to know more about hypnotherapy for relaxation. The Q&A’s will be followed by a hypnosis session to promote relaxation. Please bring a cushion and a bottle of water for maximum comfort!