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Public Campaigns




SOS for High Streets and Town Centres

Mission Milk

Equal Pay For Women 

Climate Change

An SOS for Honeybees

Great Food Debate

Care Not Custody

Resolutions are researched and proposed by individual members or WIs, with the final resolution(s) chosen by a panel taken from the general membership. Ashtead wing have resolutions discussions in the first few months of each year, when the latest proposals for resolutions are discussed. Prior to voting (one member one vote) we discuss the merits or otherwise of the resolution(s). Our vote is carried forward with other WI’s and if passed, each resolution then has a mandate and so becomes a campaign, with each campaign being followed through for several years.

The WI has a very strong campaigning tradition. Soon after its beginnings the National Federation of WIs (NFWI) presented and voted upon its first resolution: school dinners (1926). The WI has campaigned on a wide range of issues that matter to women and their communities. Over the past 100 years, WI members have campaigned to empower and support women within society, exerting their individual and collective influence; brought a series of controversial issues into the public domain; and brought about many changes in legislation and government policy.

our campaign

We passionately believe in reducing food waste, which was chosen as a WI Resolution at the 2016 National Meeting. Watch this space for coming ideas on how we can help in our local community and individual lives to do this.

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